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Shaun Toohey's PhotoThis coming election we have an opportunity to steer the Commonwealth in the right direction. I am honored to be a Republican candidate for State Senate in the First Essex District. I am running for Senate because I believe my 20 years of business experience and 9 years of political service will allow me to be a productive member of the Senate.

I have seen firsthand how wasteful spending and fiscal mismanagement can hurt local communities. I will go to Beacon Hill to fight to eliminate wasteful spending, restore fiscal discipline and work to provide a smarter course for economic development.

With your support, we can add balance to Beacon Hill and amplify the voice of those individuals who believe government should be more fiscally prudent and transparent.

Join our campaign and together we will work towards a more conservative, pro-business Commonwealth.

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Shaun Toohey


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 Shaun Toohey is pro-business, anti tax, and is dedicated to eliminating wasteful spending on Beacon Hill. He has the experience and work ethic to be an effective member of the Senate.  
— William H. Ryan
Former State Representative, Mayor of Haverhill
and Current Haverhill City Councilor
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