Shaun Toohey for Senate

Shaun Toohey: On the Issues

Public Safety

I have a special place in my heart for public safety. In 2004, my family and I suffered a devastating loss when our home was destroyed in a fire. We've rebuilt and counted our blessings since then, but I'll never forget how those firefighters and police responded and did everything they could to save our home and make us feel safe. It proved to me how courageous and selfless these individuals truly are. Our duty as citizens is to ensure that the safety of our family and our neighborhoods is never compromised. As your State Senator, I will vote in favor of investing resources towards specialized training and modernizing the equipment of police and firefighters.

Shaun at fire station

Public Education

I am the proud father of two Haverhill Public School students and I know firsthand how much hard work and dedication it takes to provide a positive environment for learning. Parents who entrust their son or daughter to our schools systems expect that they will be led by motivated teachers and administrators that know how to allocate resources in a strategic and efficient manner. In addition, parents expect their children to be enrolled in a top notch curriculum that is needed for this competitive world.

My years of service on the Haverhill School Committee and the Whittier Regional Technical High School Committee, provides me with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how public school systems operate. My record on managing budgets, taking tough votes and addressing parents' concerns over the years is something I am proud of. I have tackled the tough issues facing our students and have been a tireless supporter for them. I believe our schools should be challenging and rewarding. Our schools should be safe and inspirational. As your State Senator, I will ensure that the students, parents, teachers and administrators of the First Essex District are well represented on Beacon Hill.

Taxes, Spending and Efficiency

How often do you ask yourself, "Why do I pay so much in taxes?" I believe I have the answer. Lack of balance in the Statehouse. Our friends from across the aisle have not had to curb their spending ways. Why? They don't have to. There are only 4 Republicans in the Senate out of 40 Members. Waste, fraud and corruption are a major concern of mine. I believe our state government is spending too much for the times that we are living in. I believe that we should be tightening our belts in order to provide much needed relief to the citizens of the Commonwealth. As your State Senator, I will be keeping an eye on your tax dollars. I will vote against bloated spending bills that have zero accountability, and vote for bills that have accountability and create economic growth.


One of the greatest institutions that we have in our nation is our military. The men and women who serve our nation are all volunteers. They serve to protect us. They go into harm's way, many return physically or mentally injured, and some make the ultimate sacrifice. I honor each and every one of them. I believe that it is our role as individuals and as a society to protect them as well. We should make sure that all of our military sons and daughters are treated with respect and dignity. Serving our veterans is an issue that transcends political party or ideology. As your State Senator, I will work tirelessly for our veterans.


The district is home to many seniors who have made valuable contributions to society and will always have my respect and appreciation for what they have done. The numerous contributions that these generations have made for our well-being should never be forgotten. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to protect senior services and ensure programs are preserved, so they can enjoy their golden years and have a quality of life they have earned.


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 Shaun Toohey is pro-business, anti tax, and is dedicated to eliminating wasteful spending on Beacon Hill. He has the experience and work ethic to be an effective member of the Senate.  
— William H. Ryan
Former State Representative, Mayor of Haverhill
and Current Haverhill City Councilor
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